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  • Jewelryeffect was registered in Ireland in 2019, when the person behind the brand realised that making jewellery had started to transform into something bigger than just a hobby.
  • It was 6 years ago when the founder of the jewellery brand first set foot in the tranquil and inspiring Ireland. She was immediately captivated by the natural beauty that surrounded her and found herself drawn to the materials and textures that were abundant in her new environment. She had always had a passion for creating, but it wasn't until she moved to the green island that she discovered her true calling in jewellery making.
  • The founder was largely self-taught, having only taken a short course to learn the basic techniques of jewellery making. However, she was driven to learn more and dedicated herself to mastering her craft. Her jewellery making became not just a job but a way of life as she sought to constantly improve and deepen her understanding of jewellery art and design.


  • As she began to experiment with different materials and techniques, she found that jewellery making was a form of self-expression, much like abstract painting or photography. It allowed her to tap into her own inner voice and express her unique sense of balance and style. Her designs were unlike anything seen before, with asymmetrical lines and a beautiful mix of stones and shapes.
  • The brand quickly gained a following and became known for its innovative and unique designs. The founder's passion and dedication to her craft was evident in every piece she created, and customers were drawn to the brand for its one-of-a-kind pieces and commitment to quality. Customers often comment that wearing the brand's jewellery feels like starting a new chapter, or that they receive many compliments when wearing the pieces. Some feel that the jewellery has a power to it, while others trust the founder's vision so much that they choose to receive a finished piece without confirming the design beforehand


  • Now, 4 years later, the brand is still thriving and the founder continues to follow her own inner voice and push the boundaries of jewellery design. Her jewellery has become a symbol of self-expression and individuality, and her customers are proud to wear pieces that tell their own personal stories.
  • The brand has much to say, and its story is just beginning.

Jenya was registered as a maker at the Dublin Assay Office on 1 December 2020.

Her maker's mark is EI.

Registration with the Assay Office means that every piece of jewellery you order or buy from JewelryEffect has been tested and hallmarked.


In 2018, Jenya signed up for the Traditional Jewellery and Goldsmithing Skills course at the School of Jewellery Ireland in Dublin.

"I couldn't have imagined how this course would change my life and lead me to where I am now - turning my hobby into a small business," said Jenya.