Designing & Creating

Once the stones are in place, I begin to sketch the design, bringing to life the vision that is already forming in my mind. I draw inspiration from the colours and shapes found in nature, the natural beauty that surrounds me.
As I sketch, I begin to consider the type of metal that will complement the stones and give the piece the right texture and finish. Then I turn to my workbench and begin the process of crafting the metal, hammering and shaping it to my vision.
The process is an intricate dance between the stones and the metal, each complementing the other and bringing the design to life. I work with precision and care, knowing that every detail counts.
Finally, the piece takes shape and I hold it up to admire the beauty I have created. It's a satisfying moment, knowing that I have brought my vision to life and that this piece will be treasured by someone special. The process of creating jewellery is a labour of love, a celebration of the natural world and the beauty it holds.

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